Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about our services and how they work.

What is the difference between Warranty and guarantee ?

Warranty is a legally binding and written undertaking by a seller to replace and/or repair a product while guarantee is a promise made by a seller to the customer.

What is the difference between Service and Maintenance Plan?

Service plans covers engine (spark plugs & filters), fluids and lubricants for your vehicle, while Maintenance plans cover engine, fluids, lubricants and wear & tear items such as brake pads, CV joints and shock absorbers.

What does the DriveSure Warranty plan cover?

It covers sudden and expected failure of your car’s mechanical, electrical and electronic components and systems such as engine, gearbox, turbo charger, cooling system etc. For a detailed list refer to the Table of Benefits.

Can I service my car in Zeerust when I am with DriveSure?
DriveSure will pay for your vehicle’s service and repairs in Zeerust. Ensure to alert us three days prior to the date of service.
Can I service my car at any garage when I am with DriveSure?
DriveSure allows you to service your car at any garage with a trading license and is adequately equipped & resourced.
My car is insured, why do I need a Warranty Plan?

Conventional comprehensive insurance covers your car for road traffic accidents, third party, fire and theft. Warranty covers your car for mechanical, electrical and electronic failures.

My car is an import; can it be covered by your Service, Maintenance and Warranty plans?

DriveSure covers all cars; imports and local alike. The car should be in good mechanical running condition.

My car’s motor plan and warranty expired; can I buy your Service, Maintenance and Warranty plans for it?

DriveSure can give your car a new Service, Maintenance and Warranty cover.

Do you offer a payment plan for these policies?
We offer a maximum of 4 months payment plan. The policy will only effect after full payment.
Do you have a mileage and/or age limit on vehicles that can be covered by this scheme?
Mileage and age are not criteria; we cover according to the vehicle condition. The vehicle must undergo a diagnostic inspection to be covered for Maintenance and Warranty.
Do you cover accident damages or pre-existing conditions?
DriveSure policies cover neither accident damages nor pre-existing conditions.